Last week I was on my trip to Japan for a business meeting there. Since it was a long trip I had to search some that could help me pass the long errand. Obviously I took some of my favorite’s book to read there. But because of the recent operation of Lasik eye, it became hard to read anything for hours. As I was travelling I had to find some other ways as well. Then I remembered about this weird colleague of mine who used to play these so called online casino games.

So when I was travelling, took a long flight to the land of rising sun which really made me exhausted with the jetlag, In spite of the efforts I made to avoid it. I did everything I could but nothing worked well except the advice from that weird mate of mine. He told me this slot game called “5 Reel Drive”.

I didn’t really play it directly, very first I did some digging in spite of the fact he has told me pretty much about the pokie. I searched the game online for the trailer ratings, reviews and stuff. I found that it is really the best game for beginners themed on the Interstate highways of urban cities including the feel of truck, cars, car dice, burger, fries, coke, cake and doughnut while you hit the road. Since this game got 25 paylines and 5 reels that give unlimited and extraordinary bonuses and give you the best chances to win easy bucks. Meanwhile, it really got the clean graphics which allow the player to fully focus on what really matters to win the game. That’s how I coped the time playing this wonderful game and spared me the consequences of that long errand i.e. the jetlag.